As the latest member of the Fire & Earth team I thought it would be a nice idea to debunk some of the most common misconceptions surrounding sports massage. 
What’s the first thing which springs to mind when you think of sports massage? 
Wincing in agony as the therapist digs their fingers into the deep muscles of your body? 
Walking out of the treatment room looking like you got into a fight with an elephant, and the elephant won? 
These are common myths associated with sports massage and they are simply that, myths. At least with Fire & Earth Sports Massage that is! 
Here at Fire & Earth we pride ourselves in offering treatments which work with the muscles and connective tissue rather than against them. We use deep tissue and myofascial techniques this means we work slowly and deeply into the muscles aiming to get them to relax in a way which doesn’t bruise or damage them and causes as little discomfort to the client as possible. By working slowly it allows the muscles a chance to relax whereas the stereotypical quick pace of sports massage can otherwise only serve to make them tighter and more contracted than before often exacerbating rather than treating the problem. 
For far too long people have seen sports massage as a painful necessity which comes as a side-effect of rigorous training. We believe that there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a relaxing and rehabilitating experience. Fire & Earth prides itself on offering relaxing treatments in tranquil, professional and well presented surroundings. 
As much as we cater for sports men and women we are also able to help with a huge variety of soft tissue conditions. 
That back pain you have from long hours spent sitting at your desk, we can help. 
The niggling shoulder pain you get when gardening of a weekend? We can help treat that too. 
Sports and deep tissue massage can be of massive benefit to everyone, no matter their age, occupation or activity levels. 
To give one of our therapists a try call, email or book online today. 
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