Taking control 

The 21-day plan with Fire & Earth is about making a commitment to improve your health and wellbeing and get control of your eating habits. 
If you struggle with self-discipline, so this is going to help keep you on track! 

What is the 21-day programme? 

It’s 21 days of clean eating, so that means no white potatoes, sugar, pasta, rice, caffeine, dairy, wheat, or alcohol! 
While cutting these nice but nasties out of your diet you’re also going to be treating your body to a good dose of supplement love. 
These include a pro-biotic that will improve your gut health and stop you craving unhealthy things, and supplements that will improve your sleep and recovery. It might sound like you’ll be cutting fun out of your life, but the programme is only 3 weeks and can really support you to create some good habits, some of which may continue after the 21 days. 

Why do people follow this programme? 

Maybe you've reached a point where you feel things are out of balance; your diet, fitness routine, and stress levels all seem a little out of your control. 
Your body image is possibly a bit low, and you lack motivation. So, you're taking positive action, and you're going to feel better equipped to deal with the ever-changing landscape of life and start feeling good again. 

What do you need to prepare? 

You'll pick up your big bag of lovely, helpful supplements for your body and you'll have had a chat with Tanya from Fire & Earth about what you want to get out of your plan. You'll have measured some criteria so you can judge the results at the end and Tanya’s will have told you what to expect as the 3 weeks progress. 
You've also done a meal plan for the first week of healthy but easy meals. If you’re anything like most of our clients, both you and your partner, if you have one, have very busy lives and you haven’t got time for the faff around with complicated food prep. 

Tip of the day 

Preparation is key. 
One of the things that could help is a click and collect supermarket pick up, so there’s no temptation while you shop. That way, the shopping is sorted, and there’s no need to head down the Temptation Aisle with the yummy but unhealthy sweets and snacks. 

What can you expect? 

Starting a 21-day clean eating programme can be a transformative experience, but it's important to know what to expect. 
Here are some points to consider: 
Initial discomfort: As your body adjusts to the new diet, you may experience some discomfort, like cravings for sugar or processed foods, mood swings, or even symptoms similar to the flu. These symptoms typically pass after a few days as your body detoxes from processed foods and added sugars. 
Increased energy levels: After overcoming the initial discomfort, most people report having more energy throughout the day. This is because clean eating includes consuming foods that are rich in nutrients and energy-boosting properties. 
Better digestion: Eating clean often involves improving your gut health, so you might notice improvements in this area. 
Changes in body composition: Depending on your previous diet, you may lose weight during a clean eating programme. This is typically due to reduced calorie intake from cutting out processed foods and sugars. 
Improved mood and mental clarity: Many people report feeling better overall, with increased mood stability and mental clarity. This can be attributed to stable blood sugar levels and the increased intake of nutrients that are essential for brain function. 
Learning new habits: One of the most rewarding parts of a clean eating programme is that it forces you to reconsider your relationship with food. You'll probably learn more about how to read and interpret food labels, prepare nutritious meals, and make healthier choices at the supermarket. 
Remember, the objective of a clean eating programme is not only to change your diet for a short period but to instil lasting habits that can lead to long-term health benefits. 
It's always advisable to speak with a healthcare professional before starting a new diet programme to ensure it is suitable for your individual health needs. 
Fancy giving the 21 day programme a go yourself? Contact us today to get started
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