Like many businesses, during the pandemic, we, unfortunately, had to shut our doors for a significant length of time. 
Not only did this have a knock-on effect on us as therapists, but it deeply affected the clients that we saw on a regular basis for treatment and pain management. 
Without physical treatment, we were unable to help our clients in ways that we usually would. It’s fair to say that Zoom is no replacement for massage, although it was helpful for demonstrating physio exercises. The lockdown has shown us just how much hands-on massage benefits our clients both physically and mentally and that without face-to-face treatment we’re unable to achieve the positive results we usually achieve. 

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage 

There’s been a recent article in the Guardian newspaper about the importance of massage and benefits of physical touch. Massage can break pain cycles, relax the body and the mind, treat injury, improve mental and physical wellbeing, and encourage healing. These benefits have become very visible to us as therapists since being back. As if we didn’t already know! 
Our clients are wanting to book in for longer sessions and more frequent appointments than they were before, to get a good hold on pain management and recovery and make the most of in-person therapy now that the restrictions have lifted. 

Stress Release 

Many people associate massage with silence, which is completely normal and a popular response to relaxation. Others see massage therapy as an opportunity to discuss any issues and worries they may have on their mind, in turn allowing them to release any mental stress and tension that’s affecting the body. 

Keeping Positive 

All in all, we’re very positive and uplifting people here at Fire & Earth and we like to see the bright side in every situation. Since reopening we’ve had the opportunity to see our regular clients returning to treatment and have met plenty of new clients seeking treatment and pain management. Having the ability to make such a huge difference to the people we see each day is why we love what we do and why we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results. 
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